Dems Rolling in the Green

    In honor of Earth Day on Monday, April 7, state and national Democratic VIPs are going to gather in Denver to make a major “green” announcement concerning the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25-28. With so many other green initiatives for the convention, what’s the big deal over this new green plan? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will join Gov. Bill Ritter, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Rep. Diana DeGette and DNC CEO Leah Daughtry at Monday’s special green event in the Pepsi Center.

    Green has been the theme for the entire Democratic convention with organizers planning to reduce waste and maximize recycling practices.

    Already there are dozens of plans to reduce waste and conserve resources during the Democratic convention, so what possible new green ideas will be announced on Monday?

    Here are 10 top green guesses:

    10. They are going to rob the Denver Mint.

    9. They are going to reuse campaign posters from 2004.

    8. They are planting trees along Colfax to hide the brothels.

    7. Democrats will officially ask the media to replace blue to ID the party on voter maps.

    6. Green tea leaves will be used to choose between Obama and Clinton.

    5. They are going to dye the Platte River in honor of the Kennedys.

    4. Hot air emanating from the Pepsi Center during the convention will be recycled to warm homeless shelters across the nation.

    3. Toilet water will be treated and bottled under a “Pee Green-D” label.

    2. They are making a huge batch of margaritas to drink the media into submission.

      Drum roll, please:

    1. Al Gore is going to announce his presidency.

    Dave Williams: you are # 1 — thanks for the addition

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