Stop The Presses! Dobson’s Gonna Vote!

This week, Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family issued a “Special Alert” informing anyone left who cares that, just like millions of other people, their leader James Dobson is “definitely” going to vote in November. So who will it be? Obama? Hillary? Todd Marvin “Chival Dragonmaster” Clayton Jr.?It sure won’t be Republican John McCain, as we’ve heard over and over again for the past year-plus.

And, though it was issued on April Fool’s Day, Focus’ “Special Alert” didn’t appear to be a joke – at least to the Focus execs who apparently think that everyone is still waiting around with baited breath to see on whose head their leader will possibly lay the presidential crown.

According to the Focus-issued alert (which dutifully noted that Dobson is speaking only for himself and not for his nonprofit media empire, which would, after all, be a violation of IRS rules) Dobson has informed his “longtime friend” Sean Hannity that he “definitely plans to cast a ballot this year.”

The news, according to the “Special Alert,” ends “weeks of speculation that [Dobson] would sit on the sidelines over his policy disagreements with the two major parties’ candidates for the White House.”

“Let me just say that I will certainly vote, Sean,” Dobson reportedly said on Hannity’s America on the Fox News Channel. “I think we have a God-given responsibility to vote, and there are all of the candidates and the issues down the ballot that we have an obligation to weigh in on and let our voices be heard.”

So who’s the lucky contestant? Dobson didn’t say.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Cara DeGette is a senior fellow at Colorado Confidential and a columnist and contributing editor at The Colorado Springs Independent. E-mail her at

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