State Dem Convention: Some Delegates Selected; Clinton, Obama Invited

    The state convention and assembly for the Colorado Democratic Party is 10 days away and preparations are being fine-tuned for the event, scheduled for May 16-17 at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. Among the guests invited are Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.Of the event’s two components, the convention portion concerns the selection of delegates to the national convention based on presidential preferences, and the assembly activities include nominating candidates for legislative, congressional and U.S. Senate seats and approving the issues platform.

    The process determining the 55 lucky delegates selected to attend the Democratic National Convention has already started with the Sixth Congressional District Convention last weekend in Littleton. Five delegates were chosen, with Obama taking three and Clinton two national delegates.

    Current Colorado Democratic delegate count including declared Superdelegates.

      Delegates  Superdelegates  Total as of 5/5

    Obama  3    4    7

    Clinton  2    4    6

    Uncommitted  51*  6    57

    Total  70

    *The CD 1, 2 and 7 conventions are scheduled for Saturday, at which 17 national delegates will be chosen. The CD 3, 4 and 5 conventions will take place May 16  to select 14 national delegates. At the state convention on May 17, the remaining 19 national delegates will be selected, plus one add-on delegate (competition between former Denver Mayor Federico Pe

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