Libertarians gear up for one wing ding of a party in Denver

There are plenty of events planned for the upcoming five-day confab beginning Wednesday at the Sheraton in downtown Denver. National media coordinator Andrew Davis says between 800 and 900 delegates plus their families are expected.

Just like the Democrats and Republicans, the Libertarians like to mix convention fun and business. After all, politics-all-the-time makes for dull boys and girls. With that in mind, the Libertarians have lined up an array of speakers spanning a vast divide, who will take the stage as the small-government activists pick between seven men, two women and a yet-to-be-announced candidate — as well as None of the Above (which has so far raised more than $4,000) — to be their presidential nominee.

Among the Libertarians’ planned outings: White-water rafting trips and a trek to Mt. McKinley, er, Denali, er, Pikes Peak. In addition, the group is excited about the planned appearance of two World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers who, according to Davis, "also double as Libertarian activists when they’re not in the ring."

Here’s a partial lineup so far of the five-day convention agenda, including a few logistical questions posed by The Colorado Independent, with answers graciously provided by Davis.

Wednesday, May 21

U.S. Mint Tour:

Colorado Independent: Are the radical Libertarians who reject government currency allowed to attend?

Davis: Well, we also like personal choice, so if some of us choose not to attend the tour, that’s fine. We won’t enforce attendance.

Masquerade Ball – The party theme is "Favorite Issue or Activist."

CI: What if everybody shows up dressed as Ayn Rand?

Davis: We’ll have a lot of healthy discussion on money and gold and unfortunately, I wont be able to partake in that. I’ll be dressed up as a Libertarian press guy – a guy in a suit.

Thursday, May 22

Tea and cookies reception sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project

CI: Are the cookies imported from Amsterdam?

Davis: I would have no idea. The Marijuana Policy Project is handling that event.

CI: Will there be brownies?

Davis: That’s a question for them.

Friday, May 23

Breakfast speaker is Earl Allen, a Libertarian activist, Advanced Toastmaster and world traveler.

Lunch speaker is conservative Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi

Keynote dinner speaker is NASA conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland, the author of "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA."

Satuday, May 24

Breakfast/Coffee Klatch speaker is Reggie Rivers, a former Broncos running back and current sports writer, radio host and television sports anchor. He has also authored several books, including his most recent book, "The Colony."

Sunday, May 25

Lunch speech will be delivered by pro-slavery, anarcho-capitalist economist Walter Block, known as "the leading Libertarian defender of slave contracts," arguing that they represent "bona fide contracts."

Monday, May 26

Ex-FBI agent Gary Aldrich scheduled to deliver the keynote breakfast speech

CI: Aldrich is the guy who claims the Clintons hung sex toys and drug paraphernalia as ornaments on their White House Christmas tree. What’s up with that?

Davis: Gary is the head of The Patrick Henry Institute. He served in the Clinton White House and wrote a book about the need for protection from corruption of government.

CI: So what was on top of the tree?

Davis: I don’t know.

Colorado Independent Managing Editor Wendy Norris contributed to this report.

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