The Rhinestone, er, Muslim Cowboy

Besides comparing himself to a lonesome cowboy on the dusty trail, Hasan further tries to raise the outsider stakes by claiming that Dems have more money than Republicans — though he has poured $54,000 of his own cash into the campaign, according to the most recent campaign-finance report filed with the Colorado Secretary of State.

The well-produced video (and it should be, when you’ve got that kind of coin) also features a short clip of Hasan’s ex-girlfriend Alison Miller, presumably filmed prior to her filing a temporary restraining order against the candidate in early March.

According to news accounts, it was a lovers’ quarrel only 20-somethings could truly appreciate — Miller accused Hasan of harassing her by text message and attempting to break into her e-mail. The Eagle County Young Republican has since withdrawn her protection-order request after claiming that unnamed party members complained that she was ruining Hasan’s chances to beat Rep. Christine Scanlan (D-Dillon) in the November 4 election.

But the real high irony of the video is that it’s running on Current TV, the liberal cable news channel founded by Al Gore.

Hasan and his mother, Seeme Gull Hasan, established Muslims for Bush (now known as Muslims for America) in 2004 to support the Bush/Cheney campaign. The family has contributed close to a cool million bucks to support George W. Bush and other Republican campaigns since 2000.

First, you work for Al Gore’s presidential defeat then you use his television network to promote your own political fortunes.

Smart campaigning or opportunistic politics? You be the judge.

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