UPDATE: Bloggers question Dem convention credential decisions

Questions began to arise when five prominent state blogs were noticeably passed over for either lesser-known sites, or in one case a site that simply publishes press releases verbatim.

Were these blogs dissed because they had written critically about their state parties in the past? How much veto power did local officials have on the selection process which was pitched to the bloggers last November as an unprecedented opportunity to reward those who are "effective online organizers and/or agents of change" by seating them with their state delegations and giving them unfettered access to write about the convention.

Needless to say, the acrimony is rising.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, better known as Kos the proprietor of the million-hits-a day progressive political blog, DailyKos.com, is leading the charge to push the DNCC to disclose its criteria on how the blogs were actually selected.

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Out of the 400 sites that applied for credentials, the DNCC selected just one blog per state or territory for the coveted passes and exclusive passes to be seated with the respective state delegations on the convention floor. Those not selected for a state slot will be entered into the pool for general passes doled out to national and niche blogs. No word on when the general pool decisions will be announced.

SquareState.net was selected as the Colorado blog representative. The Colorado Independent applied under the national credential application to allow its local blogging compatriots a better chance at receiving the state nod.

See the entire list of state credentialed blogs here.

UPDATE: Aaron Meyers, the online communications director for the convention responds to Markos’ post. And as expected, the bloggers have some opinions on the matter.