Will the most progressive CD2 Dem please stand up?

“I happen to believe that I’m more progressive of a Democrat than Joan Fitz-Gerald, but the people who showed up and voted that day believe that she is,” the Boulder conservationist said. “It is what it is. I know what kind of Democrat I am and will be a progressive Democrat as well.”

On the same day the PDA backed Fitz-Gerald, Shafroth touted his endorsement by former Denver mayor and Barack Obama national co-chair Federico Pena. He added that Fitz-Gerald’s legislative record on issues such as immigration and her acceptance of PAC money makes her a somewhat suspect choice as the most progressive CD2 candidate.

Jared Polis is the third Democrat vying to fill Congressman Mark Udall’s seat. Both Polis and Fitz-Gerald are already on the Aug. 12 primary ballot. Shafroth is trying to petition his way on.

“First of all, her legislative record certainly gives plenty to look at, as opposed to the other candidates,” said the PDA’s Kenneth Nova. “Most of it is incredibly good, especially considering that most of it was during Gov. Owens’ time. Her work with environmental issues is great. Her stances on the Iraq War, global warming, and health care are as progressive as could be within the context of today’s political climate. Joan’s not perfect, but neither are the others.”

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