Zogby poll contradicts self on Americans’ knowledge of Iraq War

The top line:

– Three-quarters say they are well-informed about the Iraq War

– 60 percent have seen at least one memorable story about the war’s impact

– 86 percent believe the war has had an impact on life in the U.S.

– One in five had a relative serve or is now serving (18 percent) in the war

– 33 percent of respondents get their war news from TV, 28 percent from Web sites and 12 percent from either radio and newspapers.

But wait for this little gem buried in the press release:

When asked about the news coverage of the Iraq war, most (80%) say the coverage has been fair or poor. When respondents were asked to pick what coverage they would like to see more of, stories about the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people were the two most chosen (68% each), followed by stories about returning soldiers (58%), stories about how war has impacted communities here in the U.S. (57%),and news about areas in Iraq where there is not regular conflict (56%). Casualty reports (32%) were the least chosen area of coverage. [Emphasis mine]

So if the coverage is "fair or poor" how can folks feel well-informed? And further, the results get even screwier: 90 percent of the survey takers claim that they are active news consumers.

Seriously? With ratings and newspaper circulation at record lows and still dropping either this is an extremely plugged-in (and unrepresentative) sample or somebody’s not willing to admit that they’re watching Dateline NBC’s "To Catch a Predator" rather than The Jim Lehrer News Hour.

Last, aren’t we also fighting a war in Afghanistan ostensibly to go after the guy that attacked our nation? You know that Osama bin Laden fellow?

That war doesn’t rate any attention, Mr. Zogby?