The aliens among us

The Colorado media is falling all over each other in their rush to report footage of a REAL LIVE alien (or is the video clip taken in 2003 actually a puppet?). Too bad they missed former NASA consultant and conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland’s presentation at last weekend’s Libertarian Party Convention in Denver.


During a speech that lasted more than three hours, Hoagland  showed “proof” that ancient civilizations once lived on the moon. including photographs. His take? There exists a widespread government conspiracy to keep the existence of aliens from the general public.   


Film director George Lucas is giving Earth’s residents a peek at the history of the universe, Hoagland said, while NASA is concealing ample evidence that highly evolved civilizations once existed on the moon.    


“I believe George Lucas is one of the people tasked with preparing the American people to ultimately accept the inevitable,” he said during a presentation that was peppered with references to Pink Floyd to Emily Dickenson. 


If you want the true story of extraterrestrial life, you’re apparently better off renting Star Wars or going to the new Indiana Jones movie than keeping tabs on NASA’s latest mission to Mars. 


Hoagland showed numerous pictures of the moon, and pointed out refracted light prisms that he said prove the existence of ancient glass domes and suspended castles built by an ancient civilization. In one photo, he pointed to a grainy skull-shaped form with saucer-like holes for eyes that closely resembled Star Wars character C3PO, to which he compared the form.


The crowd of about 50, who were in Denver for the Libertarian National Convention, occasionally asked whether Hoagland thought movie release dates or certain NASA missions were part of the broader conspiracy. 


NASA, Hoagland maintained, has hidden the evidence of extraterrestrial life for decades because the agency fears civilization would collapse into chaos if people new the truth. Buddhists, he added, would likely become the most violent upon the revelation that we’re not alone in the universe. 


“If it finds [E.T.], it can’t tell us because supposedly we can’t take it,” said Hoagland, a former museum space science curator and adviser to CBS news who has spent the last 13 years researching what NASA could be hiding. Hoagland is also the author of Dark Mission, a book that documents his theories.


NASA should be mining asteroids and other planets for resources, thus ending world hunger and giving the U.S. energy independence, he said, but instead the agency is running virtually the same missions it has for decades in order to distract the world’s population from life beyond this planet. Hoagland used last week’s unmanned Mars mission as an example.


“What they’ve been covering up is the most astonishing stuff that will change the course of history … For the last 40 years someone has not wanted that to happen. And I believe, as we document in the book, that that is why John Fitzgerald Kennedy was really killed,” Hoagland said. 


JFK was prepared to join forces with Russian cosmonauts to publicly open all the possibilities of space, including other forms of life, he said. Hoagland did not say who he thought assassinated Kennedy.


In what appears to be an unrelated event, several days after Hoagland’s presentation, a Colorado man, Jeff Peckman, announced he had a video of what he claims is a real live alien. He is currently pushing a ballot initiative for an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver.


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