What to do when it’s over

Let’s face it, Hillary. Time to get that old Judy Garland standard on the CD player and uncork a good wine. Have a couple of glasses and sing along:

"It’s over, all over

And soon somebody else

will make a fuss about you

But how about me?"*

*"How about me?" by Irving Berlin

Sen. Hillary Clinton has scheduled a rally in New York tonight where some media speculate she will acknowledge that Sen. Barack Obama has acquired the majority of delegates to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton is behind Obama with 1,916.5 delegates to his 2,086.5, at last count Tuesday morning. Obama needs only 30.5 votes to win, compared with Clinton’s 200.5 to get a majority of delegate support at 2,117.

The last two primaries in Montana and South Dakota are today with 31 delegates up for grabs, but it’ll only take a handful of the 218 superdelegates who haven’t declared their presidential preferences yet to wrap up the race for Obama. (Gov. Bill Ritter, Sen. Ken Salazar, and Congressmen Mark Udall and John Salazar are still part of that uncommitted superdelegate group – hey, guys; today would be a good day to get off the fence.)

As the media continue to guess what Clinton’s next steps will be — like vying for the vice-presidential spot — here’s some advice on how to deal with this probable defeat:

1. Pamper yourself. Take a week off and go to a spa. Leave the travails of the campaign behind in a mud bath.

2. Then promptly get back into the game. You are still one helluva U.S. senator and important political voice. As another famous woman once noted, "Tomorrow is another day."

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