Youth vote news roundup

Some quick hits from our Center for Independent Media colleague Mike Connery at Future Majority on policy and politics affecting young voters. 

Current TV tackles the Millennial generation and the coming political realignment:

Why have anti-war protests proven so unsuccessful? David Sirota has some answers in The Protest Industry vs. The Players

Kevin Bondellis follows up on his post here yesterday and outlines why Vote Pledges are important even in heavily Democratic districts.

Banks are cutting down on loans and leaving community colleges and two-year college students out in the cold.

A veteran runs the numbers and debunks McCain’s fears about the Webb GI Bill.

Wired uns a mini-profile of Josh Levy, formerly of Tech President but now an editor at The story hits on the power of social networking to mobilize change, and Youth to Power merits a mention.

The New York Times gets hip to the new face of evangelical community, and how young people are redefining the role of politics in their faith.

Finally, episode one of This Brave Nation is live. In it, Carl Pope and Van Jones provide insight into the development of the progressive movement over the last half century and discuss how and why they became progressive activists. In particular, I found fascinating their discussion (2/3 through the video) about the role of culture in social change and why artists today seem less involved than in the 60s: