Salazars, Udall to back Obama

From the "D’oh! Way to Go Out on a Limb" Department. 

Special to The Colorado Independent from AP:

DENVER (AP) — Three of Colorado’s holdout Democratic Party superdelegates have thrown their support behind Barack Obama, saying he has the party’s blessing for the presidential nomination in August.

Sen. Ken Salazar and his brother, Rep. John Salazar, say Obama has the ability to bridge the issues that divide this country and will be the best candidate.

Minutes later, Rep. Mark Udall issued his own statement:

I congratulate Senator Obama for securing the nomination to be our party’s candidate for president in 2008.  His nomination in Denver in August will represent an historic achievement, and I welcome his message of change and renewal at a time when our country is facing so many difficult challenges.

I made a decision early on that I would not announce support for either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton until after the primary process was fully concluded.  With that process concluded and the delegates now selected, I am ready to put my shoulder to the wheel to help unite our party in support of Senator Obama’s election.

In addition to supporting Senator Obama, I also want to acknowledge Senator Hillary Clinton.  I know Senator Clinton.  She is a remarkable and gifted leader.  We have worked together on legislation expanding and strengthening our Army and we have a shared interest in national security issues.  Like Senator Obama, she ran a campaign with historic significance for our country, and she and her supporters have every reason to be proud of their effort.

It has clearly been a very tough and hard-fought campaign.  But the primary process is over.  Now is the time to unite our party and, equally important, to reach out to independent and Republican voters with an agenda that restores our economy, secures energy independence, and strengthens America.

Gov. Bill Ritter threw his support behind Sen. Obama late Tuesday.