Keeping track of the inmates

Was just reading through a document called the “2007 Ten-County Budget,” which compares budget highlights from 10 similarly sized Colorado Counties. I know, I know. But that’s the kind of thing that keeps me cheery.

Among the more mundane items, like the “total taxable assessed valuation” of properties, and the “total county mill levies,” was this interesting bit of data: The times, and number of times each day, when county jailers conduct their prisoner head counts. Without further ado, here’s when they line ’em up for the daily inmate inventory:

• Adams County Jail: 5:45 p.m. daily

• Arapahoe County Jail: 7 a.m. each day

• Boulder County Jail: 4 times daily

• Douglas County Jail: 3 times per day

• El Paso County Jail: Every shift change (3) in addition to informal counts during checks

• Jefferson County Jail: Midnight daily [sic]

• Larimer County Jail: Not specified

• Mesa County Jail: 6 a.m. daily

• Pueblo County Jail: 3 times daily

• Weld County Jail: 8 a.m.