Living the Life of Riley

Do we need God in the Republican Party, Unity in the GOP or Ron Paul in the White House? Some of Saturday’s best distractions came from some 380 delegates who got their 15 seconds of fame at the Republican state convention.
They arrived in many shapes and sizes. They wore three-cornered hats and shamrock hats and Uncle Sam hats and jester hats. One guy hefted a bag of green grass in a gallon baggie that he brought along as a prop. Another rallied support for Mike Ditka for vice president, They talked about true conservativism versus neoconservatism.
They were vying for 22 delegate and 22 alternate slots to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis this summer and they were given 15 seconds each of stage time to make their case:
One delegate by the name of Michael Riley arrived dressed sort of like a leprechaun.
“I’m a staunch conservative, but am living the life of Riley,” he cheerfully informed the convention hall.
Another delegate with the surname of Chavez promised there was “no relationship to the moron from Venezuela.”
One man got on stage and wondered whether anyone else had the same reaction he did to the red T-shirts being sold at the convention that were emblazoned with the face of the fortieth president of the United States:
“Is it just me or does the Ronald Reagan T-shirts look like Vladimir Lenin?” he asked.
Many, many of the delegates wore yellow T-shirts, seeking support for the “Ron Paul slate.” The more aggressive they came on in favor of the anti-McCain candidate, the harsher the boos came from the audience.
“We are the pro-life party — you can’t be pro-life and pro-war; support the Ron Paul slate,” one woman said.
– “Vote for the obstetrician who delivered 4,000 babies and aborted none!”
– “McCain is as liberal as Obama and Hillary. Paul’s the only one who’s 100 percent no taxes!”
– “He’s the only one who’s no taxes and upholds the direct content of the Constitution!”
– “I won’t vote for anyone who supports amnesty like a certain presumptive
– “Kick them in the teeth! Bring God back to the country!”
– “Fight for righteousness! Fight for Jesus! Fight for life!
Another Ron Paul supporter took the stage and reprimanded the booers for booing their opponents.
“BOOOO!” went the crowd.
One woman appeared a bit flustered when she got her moment in the spotlight. She also got an appreciative laugh, at least from the press box:
“I’m pro-life and pro-whatever buzz word,” she said.