Hey, did you know Colorado GOPers really like Mitt Romney?

The former Massachusetts governor and practicing Mormon, Romney wiped the map with McCain in the Colorado caucuses in February taking 60 percent of the vote to McCain’s 18 percent.

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With such a margin, it should be no surprise the R’s in Colorado, including elected officials, are pushing McCain to name Romney as his veep choice.
Because Colorado is in contention this year and considering Democrat Barack Obama‘s large popularity in the state, the local GOP calls for Romney will not go unnoticed by the McCain camp.
A Muckety map shows the connections between Romney and McCain and their respected campaigns. Click here for an interesting map of prominent Romney fund-raisers and their connection to the McCain camp.
With some media reports today predicting Obama may eclipse $100 million in fund-raising this month – a sweeping record – McCain might pander to Romney hoping to balance his less-than-conservative history and to tap into his network of big campaign check writers.