Packin’ to pray

The times are telling. Today we learn that, following last December’s shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, the compound apparently "looked like an NRA convention" — what with all the congregants running to their cars and retrieving their own weapons.

By the time police arrived, it was hard to tell who was there to do the praying and who was there to do the shooting.

The violence at the mega-church was a topic of discussion at a so-called "church security workshop" this week at the Heritage Christian Center in East Denver. After the attack — in which two sisters were killed before a church security guard injured shooter Matthew Murray, who then killed himself — New Life Church formed a new organization, the National Association of Church and School Security.

The group isn’t the only one specializing in church violence. Just for starters there’s also the Church Security Alliance which bills itself as an online ministry and fellowship for church security and safety.

As the Denver Post succinctly underscored via a comment from Sgt. Gene Enley, commander of the Littleton SWAT team: "It’s important to know who’s armed in your church."

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