Fewer race horses have died in Colorado, report says

A report submitted to Congress shows horse racing deaths occur less frequently in Colorado than in half the racing jurisdictions in the country, according to yesterday’s New York Times.

The House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection will review the report prepared by nonprofit trade association Racing Commissioners International as part of a hearing Thursday investigating the welfare of America’s racing horses, according to The New York Times.

Of the more than 14,000 horses out of the starting gate in Colorado over the last five years, six have died – a relatively low percentage, according to the report.

Racing deaths are not uncommon, although few are as high profile as this year’s Kentucky Derby on-track fatal spill and euthanizing of Eight Belles.

At least one horse has been euthanized at Colorado’s only horse racing track due to a racing injury each year since 2000, with a high of 11 euthanized race horses in 2003, according to state records.