McCain Cribbin’ it

Did anybody catch the recent MTV Cribs episode of rapper 50 Cent’s  “East Coast Playboy mansion?”

It seems John McCain’s campaign did.

John McCain speaks at Denver campaign stop at the University of Denver. (Photo/Jason Kosena)

And because the youth vote — despite being historically low — is highly coveted this election season, the 72-year-old war hero has tapped into some hipped-out tactics in order to win big-time cool points.

Now available on is a MTV Cribs rendition of the storied “Straight Talk Express”  — or the large fleet of campaign buses the Arizona senator travels on while stumping.

Hosted by McCain’s advance planning director Davis White, the campaign offers a Cribs style tour of the campaign bus including highlights of the shower, the “Straight Talk” lounge area, and “eight tires sittin’ on 22-inch rims” so as to “roll into town with style.”

That’s got to be worth more cool points than 50 Cent’s 1965 Chevy Impala, right?

Surprisingly, the cribs of Fiddy and McCain shared some similarities.

A kitchen that is never used for example, flat-screen TVs scattered about and refrigerators with bottled beverages stacked high.