Rove: Romney is da man

How many times does you have to be floated by prominent Republicans as the best VP choice before John McCain looks your way?

That is the question Mitt Romney is probably asking himself.

Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at a Denver campaign stop in February. (Photo/Jason Kosena)As we noted before, Romney has been touted by some Colorado Republicans as the best veep choice and now he is collecting even bigger endorsements.

Karl Rove, aka Bush’s Brain, aka The Architect, aka MC Rove, told Fox News this weekend he thinks Romney is the best candidate for McCain.

Vetted by the media during the primaries where he lost to McCain, but only after pummeling him in some states like Colorado, Rove said Romeny’s executive experience in both government and private business would help the Arizona senator beat Barack Obama.

Rove wisely said there is some downside to Romney as well though, including his Mormonism.

A Mitt Romney supporter video tapes the Denver campaign speech given by Romney in February. (Photo/Jason Kosena)Regardless, Rove said it would probably be another couple of months before either candidate chooses a VP to run on his ticket.

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