New space for Denver’s emergent church

Denver’s Scum of the Earth church is one of the original emergent church congregations in the United States. With its hodgepodge group of homeless, punk, and indie rock parishioners, the church is emblematic of a new branch of evangelical christianity, one that seeks to engage nontraditional congregants in a nonjudgemental setting. Scum, which is named after a phrase in Corinthians, has been a longtime tenant of Denver’s iconic Church in the City just off of East Colfax and next to East High School. But now, according to an article in the Rocky Mountain News, the group may be relocating from its urban digs to its own space in a one-time artist’s studio off of Santa Fe Drive.

The studio, at 935 W. 11th St., is actually a century-old church, according to the Rocky. Scum has already raised half of the $625,000 asking price for the foreclosed building. If the congregation acquires its own space, this could mean a strong future for the church, and the emergent movement at large. It may also create a bigger name for Scum, establishing it among other, more conservative evangelical churches in Colorado, like Colorado Springs’ New Life Church.