Anti-abortion fringe group slams Wadhams

When Colorado Right to Life shunned Republican party Chairman Dick Wadhams earlier this week, Wadhams dismissed the organization as a "very small fringe group," according to an article in the Rocky Mountain News. The anti-abortion organization slammed Wadhams for refusing to let the group set up a table at the state Republican Convention, and accused him of pushing U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer to the left. 

What the Rocky article neglected to print is just how fringe Colorado Right to Life is — though, as we all know, fringe is in the eye of the beholder. Last year the Colorado chapter was cut off by National Right to Life leaders who moved to punish the rebels when they bought a full page ad in the Colorado Springs’ Gazette, and the Washington Times, criticizing Focus on the Family founder James Dobson for not being anti-abortion enough in his stance opposing the Supreme Court ruling to outlaw partial birth abortion. The ad’s headline read "Dobson Thanks God for Brutally Wicked Ruling"; the Colorado group demands a full abortion ban and won’t support piecemeal efforts at limiting the practice.