Move over, Joe Camel. Sit, Spuds McKenzie. Get a whiff of this

There’s a new game in town when it comes to introducing adult vices in kid-friendly ways — scratch ‘n’ sniff lottery tickets.

The Colorado Lottery has added a new feature to its line of Crossword scratch-off tickets. The tickets, which cost three bucks a pop, reward winners and losers with the scent of coffee, chocolate or a bouquet of flowers.

“The chocolate and bouquet scents will appeal to our female players, who make up a large portion of our Crossword customers,” said Todd Greco, the lottery’s scratch production manager.

Guess who else likes chocolate and flowers?

That’s right, children. The same demographic that made scratch ‘n’ sniff so popular in the first place — though of course everybody knows that kids under 18 can’t play the Colorado Lottery.