Colorado Springs: Part comedy, part horror show

In Colorado Springs, the culture wars just keep clashing. After years of battling a widespread reputation of being seriously challenged in the tolerance department, the latest poke-fun-at the state’s second-largest city comes courtesy of a stage musical that portrays its evangelical Christian influence as part comedy, part horror show.

The Colorado Springs Gazette recently detailed the documentary-style musical, called "This Beautiful City," which was produced by a New York City-based theater company and debuted in Washington, D.C.

The “snapshot of American evangelicalism” was the result of a seven-month stint that cast and crew spent in Colorado Springs, home to the national headquarters of dozens of evangelical groups, including Focus on the Family, the Navigators and Every Home for Christ.

Note: It didn’t really seem to help matters that, while the cast and crew were on location, Pastor Ted Haggard of New Life Church experienced his very public meth- and gay-sex-induced fall from grace.

Anyway, here were a few of the audience responses after watching the play, as detailed by the Gazette:

"The whole Christian right thing is slightly frightening to me. It reminded me of Jim Jones and Guyana," said Joyce Prashar, whose son lives in Colorado Springs.

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