Mellowing out at Denver International Airport?

Mason Tvert is at it again. Denver’s pro-pot activist, and the man behind SAFER, or Safer Alternatives For Enjoyable Recreation, called for marijuana smoking lounges at the Denver International Airport, according to news reports. Tvert contends that pot is safer than alcohol, and so it should be legalized. Tvert cited several recent disturbances on flights leaving or flying into DIA, and blamed alcohol for the incidents, saying "Does it make sense to allow adults to use a drug that causes problems on airplanes and not allow them to use one that does not cause problems on airplanes?" 

DIA spokesman Chuck Cannon told the Denver Post that the airport had no intention of heeding Tvert’s demands. 
But Tvert seems to be making headway in other arenas. The activist won support for two pro-marijuana ballot measures in Denver. And last month, a Marijuana Policy Review Panel created by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper–as mandated in one of the ballot measures–recommended to city officials that the Denver police not prosecute cases of adult marijuana possession.