Bombs away! Ron Paul supporters organize cash drop for Bob Barr

It was only a matter of time before the warring sides came together to support their presidential candidate.

But lest you think Sen. Hillary Clinton’s sullen supporters are suddenly unifying with their primary rival and now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, the Libertarians are showing how they wear their big-boy pants.

The Ron Paul Revolution fans are organizing a "money bomb" on Wednesday to help the cash-strapped Barr-Root Libertarian ticket.

Can the Paulites work their political holiday-inspired magic yet again for Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman from Georgia who helped lead the drive to impeach Bill Clinton who staged a surprise presidential bid for the Libertarian Party nomination?

On Dec. 16, 2007, the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the Paul campaign hauled in $6 million in a single day — besting a Nov. 5 record-breaking, 24-hour, online fund-raising drive on Guy Fawkes Day, which commemorates a British political rebel who attempted to blow up Parliament and overthrow the Protestant government.

According to, the significance of July 2 offers some interesting and offbeat events for the Paulites, known for their unusual attraction to science fiction, civil liberties, political conspiracy theories and free-market economics, to tie their causes to:

1776: Congress votes for independence

1809: Chief Tecumseh urges Indians to unite against whites

h/t Colorado Libertarian Party blog