Cash doesn’t always pave the way to power in Colorado

Just as the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the so-called Millionaires’ Amendment as unconstitutional, the Rocky Mountain News published a noteworthy lineup of Big Spenders, most of whom turned out to be Big Losers in elections past — that is, candidates who spent gobs of their own cash trying to win office — and mostly lost.

On Thursday the Supremes took a chisel to the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Act of 2002, ruling unconstitutional the provision that eases restrictions for candidates who are running against deep-pocket opponents.

The same day, Rocky reporter Todd Hartman presented a lineup of Colorado notables of years past and the personal cash they pumped into their campaigns for governor, Congress and the state Board of Education. Here’s the rundown:


Bruce Benson (R) — 1994 governor — $3.8 million — LOST

Jared Polis (D) — 2008 U.S. House — $3.7 million — So Far

Pete Coors (R) — 2004 U.S Senate — $1.3 million — LOST

Terry Considine (R) — 1986 U.S. Senate — $1.1 million — LOST

Jared Polis (D) — 2000 state (caps) Board of Education — $1 million — WON

Bob Greenlee (R) — 1998 U.S House — $1 million — LOST

Tom Strickland (D) — 1996 U.S. Senate — $500,000 — LOST

Gail Schoettler (D) — 1998 governor — $130,000 — LOST

Terry Considine (R) — 1992 U.S. Senate — $800,000 — LOST

Steve Schuck (R) — 1986 governor — $1.4 million — LOST


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