57 channels and nothing on

The media arm of Colorado Common Cause held a meeting Wednesday night to get the public informed, organized and involved with media issues.

The group met in the Alliance Center in downtown Denver to discuss media consolidation, net neutrality  and the necessity for the universal availability of broadband access. 

Common Cause Field Organizer Katie Fleming, fresh from the National Media Reform Conference in Milwaukee, posed the question, “What are the possible projects that we could do to change some these things?”

Participants offered up everything from starting public interest obligation campaigns to pressure media outlets to uphold their federally mandated responsibilities, to marching on the offices of lawmakers to demand a free and neutral Internet.

The participants included a semiretired daily news reporter, a contingent from a local public broadcasting television station and various citizens concerned about the way the media is changing.

Meetings will be ongoing. If you’re interested, sign up to receive Common Cause’s e-mail list.