Clinton supporters want a role in the convention

Sen. Hillary Clinton may have finally given up her presidential bid, but not all of her supporters have let go.

The Denver Group is hoping to prevent the “coronation” of Barack Obama as the next Democratic presidential candidate by lobbying for a roll-call vote at the Democratic National Convention, according to the group’s Web site.

Organizer Marc Rubin explains the Washington, D.C.-based group’s logic on its Web site:

Senator Clinton is still a candidate. An open convention means respecting that candidacy which requires having her name on the ballot and a roll call vote so that the delegates Senator Clinton won during the primaries can cast their votes on behalf of the more than 18 million Democrats who voted for her. It is not symbolic. It is the democratic process. And it’s not a choice. It’s an obligation.

The Denver Group would also like to see Clinton’s name on the ballot and Clinton supporters allowed to deliver speeches on behalf of her candidacy at the convention.

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