Look out Obama, McCain is now aware of the Internet

To all of the ageist, techno-snobs out there who bashed Sen. John McCain for admitting that he doesn’t use a computer, rest assured, he is aware of the Internet.

In this Personal Democracy Forum footage that the Colorado Independent unearthed on YouTube, a McCain supporter reassures the crowd that Sen. McCain is not only aware of the internet, but has a long tradition of understanding a range of issues.

It is unclear at this time if one of those issues is how to get his VCR to stop blinking 12:00.

Sen. McCain’s supporters haven’t exactly rushed to join him on the information superhighway.  In a recent report by Hitwise.com that compares the numbers of visitors to the candidates’ sites, 79.25 percent of searchers chose to navigate BarackObama.com.

In what could be a response to his validation of the Internet as a whole, 79 percent of the visitors to the McCain site are there for the first time.

Only 45 percent of Obama’s guests are noobs.

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