Pea Pod Protesters at McCain event: Ditch signs or get arrested

Protesters with ProgressNow outside today’s John McCain town hall meeting in Denver were told to throw their signs away or risk being arrested for trespassing.

Protesters are seen outside of John McCain campaign event in Denver. (Photo/Jason Kosena)McCain’s secret service detail told the Denver Police that if the three protesters, one dressed in a pea costume with pictures of President Bush and McCain on it, were told to shut their protest down about an hour before the campaign event began.

"McCain’s secret service has told us we can’t exhibit our first amendment rights of free speech," said Michael Huttner, executive director of ProgressNow.

The protesters were not told to leave the premises but were told they couldn’t display their signs.

McCain is expected to speak on the economy at today’s town hall meeting at the Denver Center for Performing Arts starting today at noon.

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