Colorado Springs police to man Denver’s DNC

The Colorado Springs police department has long complained of budget restraints that have led to a shortage in police officers, and an increase in response times. But now, the department is offering up 58 police officers to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, according to news reports.

Colorado Springs isn’t exactly cashing in on the deal either. The city of Denver is paying its neighbors down south $491,789 for six days of police work.

And for some reason, the Colorado Springs police department says that sending officers to Denver won’t affect law enforcement capabilities in the Springs during the DNC.

"The city isn’t going to have any reduction in police services or drain on its budget," Colorado Springs police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock told The Gazette. "On any given day there are 50 officers that are not scheduled to work. That’s going to be factored in, and it’s not going to degrade the number of officers on the streets."

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