Colorado Republican House member looks to hire accused sexual predator

A former Grand Junction high school administrator accused of enticing children on the Internet has filed a motion asking permission to work on the farm of Sterling Republican Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg.

Rep. Jerry SonnenbergAccording an article in the Grand Junction Sentinel today, Johnnie Walker, a 49-year-old former athletics director at Grand Junction High School who attempted to lure someone he thought was a 14-year-old over the Internet in 2007, asked a judge for permission [PDF document] to work on Sonnenberg’s farm during harvesting season.

Sonnenberg has two teenaged children who work on the farm.

Walker has not gone to trial yet on charges related to being an Internet predator but has been ordered to stay away from children, although a judge granted him access to see his teenaged niece and nephew.

Walker, who has struggled to find work since the allegations surfaced, said he has been a lifelong friend of Sonnenberg and that the Sterling Republican is aware of the pending charges.

“As the Court might expect, Mr. Walker has had some difficulty finding work. Representative Sonnenberg needs helps and Mr. Walker needs work,” Walker’s attorney said in the motion.