Stars predict chaotic Democratic convention

Anxious Denverites are keeping close tabs on the expected antics of protesters at the Democratic Convention beginning Aug. 25. But perhaps we should be more worried about the moon opposing Pluto?

DNC astrological chart prepared by Elsa Panizzon

The discussion at the Denver-based astrology blog,, isn’t especially comforting to those who are hoping for a peaceful convention:

There is talk of terrorist attacks… definitely disruption, riots, glass-breaking and the like. Slogan is “Recreate ‘68!”

Traffic and timing is going to be chaos for sure. Check that exact opposition to Mercury. Mars is looking pretty pissy too. Stuck in Libra (fight for *supposed* peace) and in hard aspect to Pluto.

That morning the Moon will will oppose Pluto setting off the late degree mutable people yet again and being one of them… well the chart does not look innocuous, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I feel hopeful that things in Denver will be OK despite the Moon/Pluto opposition. At any rate, I don’t think it’s going to be a terrorist situation or a violent disruption coming in from foreign terrorists. If there are problems, they would more likely be domestic (I used the 8 am time).

I think things are going to go off pretty much according to plan in Denver that day, but that day does look hot for people with late mutables (which very much includes me). I guess it might help to have a chart for Denver, does anyone have that?

Here is my reasoning process: the Uranus opposition is separating. And, looking at the chart ascendent, Venus right on it should serve to protect the Ascendent. Venus so closely conjunct Mercury is a good thing in that Mercury can take the tone of the nearest planet (I am looking at Venus as a ‘benefic’ planet).

I also look at Jupiter as a benefic planet, and it is on the Ascendent by trine aspect, giving the ascendent double benefic energy. yes Mars is in the first house, but it’s aspects are separating and the orbs are wide-ish (I am particularly fond of tight orbs in my work ;-).

Moon is well placed in the 10th house and gets no major aspects from Mars or Saturn. I am of the belief that the Sun is a hotter and stronger luminary than the moon, I’d rather see Saturn on the Sun than on the Moon. And neither luminary is hit by Mars by major transit (I am fond of sticking to the major transits in my work).

Ack! Late mutable here and the heck with the DNC, that’s my first day with kids back in the classroom

no, don’t want to predict trouble, thank you very much. :P

should be a wild ride one way or another, though…

Hey, could you do one for the RNC too? For those of us in MN that would need to suffer through that mess.

Reminds me of Nairobi right before the embassy bombing in 1998. There were riots and the Nairobi city council went against a court ordered stay to not “take” land and give it to a mosque as it would destroy one of the most famous markets in town. Long story short – they did, in the middle of the night, with bulldozers. Turned it into a mini-warzone and so the riots started.

The energy of the city was bad, many people were sending family out to the country and I booked it out of there cuz the energy was so nasty – a week early. And then lost friends in the bombing.

I hate feeling that energy but not knowing what is coming down the road or which way to turn.

Damn, I hate it when Mars gets pissy.

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