Nader’s no dummy: July event includes offbeat debate

According to the Colorado Nader campaign, longtime presidential hopeful Ralph Nader will likely appear at August’s Democratic National Convention. But Denver’s big Nader event will take place nearly a month earlier.

True to the independent candidate’s relentless style, NADER FEST ’08 — at Denver’s Mercury Cafe on July 27 — will feature an Issue Fair where visitors can learn about single-payer health care, occupation and empire, impeachment, nuclear disarmament, corporate welfare and same-sex unions. But the best part of the event promises to be a bizzarro Nader debate, where the candidate will appear by video conference or be represented by an actor. Nader — or the actor — will then debate with a dummy; he will ask questions about corporate welfare, for instance, and be met with silence on the other end, to signify the silence of the mainstream candidates on such issues.

Last month, the Nader campaign announced that the candidate met the requirements to appear on the Colorado ballot. According to The Denver Post, the campaign plans to open four offices in Colorado.

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