Denver’s DNC homeless plan: It’s a crackup

The New York Times is having a laugh today over Denver’s plan to provide zoo and museum passes to the homeless during the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless plans to secure 500 tickets for its clients so they will have somewhere safe to go during the political mayhem. But the Times’ online Laugh Lines column — made up of jokes written by readers — includes a jab at the program:

"Officials in Denver will give homeless people passes to the Denver zoo while the Democratic National Convention is in town next month," writes reader Pedro Bartes. "That way, they won’t miss much of what’s going on inside the convention."

"Apparently, Democrats don’t want anybody but Hillary begging for money."

Bartes, an aspiring comedy writer in Seattle, has another joke on the Denver plan on his blog:

"Officials in Denver will give homeless people free movie tickets and zoo passes during the Democratic National convention. Democrats were afraid there were going to be many beggars around. After all, Obama has been offering change since he started the campaign."

The Colorado Independent first reported on Denver’s plans to entertain the homeless during the DNC with museum trips and big-screen-TV convention viewing last month.

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