McCain and Romney make up?

When the Colorado presidential caucuses took place in February, not many Republicans showed up to support John McCain.

Mitt Romney is seen through the viewfinder of a news camera as he gives a campaign speech in Denver. (Photo/Jason Kosena)

The 72-year-old war hero was too liberal, many in the Colorado GOP said, and would not deploy a conservative enough agenda.

The same was not said about former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who swept the state’s caucuses with 60-percent support. McCain raked in 18 percent.

When McCain was in Denver last week, he was asked about the possibility that he would name Romney, once his bitter primary rival, as his running mate.

McCain punted on the question while in Denver, but it hasn’t left the minds of many others.

Today an article in the New York Times outlines how Romney and McCain, once enemies, are making up and becoming fast friends.

Who ever said politics didn’t bring about the strangest of bedfellows?

Both McCain and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama are expected to announce their veep picks before this summer’s conventions.