Coffman takes the lead in second quarter fundraising

Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman is way ahead in his bid for Congress.

Well, at least monetarily. Second-quarter fund-raising records for the 6th Congressional District show that Coffman raised $317,558 between April and July, bringing the Republican’s total funds raised to $775,103.

Coffman is in the thick of a four-way primary face-off with Steve Ward, Wil Armstrong and Ted Harvey.

Armstrong rolls in second place with his second-quarter take of $172,839 for a total of $592,191; Harvey comes next with $77,983 this quarter for a total of $155,591; Ward is fourth with $39,165 this quarter to make a total of $78,251.

But the lone Democrat, Hank Eng, trails all the Republicans. He raised $31,759 last quarter, which is all the money the campaign has raised so far. 


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