Aurora gloms onto top hospital ranking to counter crime-ridden rep

The city of Aurora is hoping the University of Colorado Hospital, which recently relocated to the former site of the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, will cast the Denver suburb in a more positive light.

Aurora, the state’s third-largest city, has struggled with a bad reputation in recent years as East Colfax Avenuehad attracted more crime than business, and plenty of bad press. The hospitals move, and plans for a VA hospital adjacent to it, are seen by city leaders as the best ways to revitalize the area.

To that effect, the city celebrates all of the hospital’s achievements, including its top-25 ranking in six areas of medical specialty in the current edition of U.S. News & World Report.

The admiration isn’t mutual. Much to the dismay of Aurora lawmakers at both the state and city levels, CU has opted to name the medical facility"Anschutz Medical Campus," leaving its Aurora location out of the official title in favor of recognizing billionaire donor Phillip Anschutz.