McCain press pool goes commando

COLUMBUS, Ohio–"We’re all going commando!"

That was the cry from the front of the John McCain press corps bus following our landing here in the heart of the heart of the country. Soon after reporters arrived in the Ohio capital, it was revealed that none — NONE — of the press luggage was boarded on the Straight Talk plane from Pennsylvania. This followed the scrapping of a planned trip to New Orleans due to weather, which thus brought us to the center of my home state. For the record, the luggage of both the Secret Service and the presumed Republican presidential nominee arrived safely.

Thus a group, already feeling like the beat-writers for the Los Angeles Clippers as our counterparts travel the globe with Sen. Barack Obama, have been left with merely the clothes on our backs, our laptops, Blackberries and, well ourselves. Should the bags not come before 7 a.m. tomorrow, a group outing to Banana Republic is planned. For the record, I’m planning on getting some non-slim fitting pants and an orange polo shirt. However, donations to  the Sridhar Pappu Clothing Fund can be sent via PayPal. (I hear my managing editor plans to send me some Chuck Taylors emblazoned with TWI on the heel. Thanks a lot.) A clean pair of boxers and a Cincinnati Reds t-shirt will be accepted in lieu of cash.

Our Washington Independent colleague Sridhar Pappu is rethinking just how lucky he is to be in the McCain press pool right about now.