McCain praises Dalai Lama

The head-scratcher of the day was the Dalai Lama’s love-fest with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain in Aspen Friday afternoon.

While the enlightened one made it clear to the Associated Press that the 45-minute visit in no way constituted an endorsement, he held McCain’s hand and praised him for his concern about Tibetans persecuted by Chinese troops during demonstrations this spring.

“His Holiness represents the profound desire of millions of Tibetans for basic dignity and human rights,” McCain said. “His nonviolence approach and his lifelong work seeking common ground across cultural and religious divides are an inspiration to all of mankind and to millions of Americans.”

Would that be the millions of Americans who support the surge and McCain’s 100-year plan in Iraq, or the millions who like the idea of pulling out all U.S. troops within 16 months?

No word on whether McCain scored any unused tickets to next month’s Beijing Olympics from the Dalai Lama, who’s in town for an Aspen Institute symposium on Tibet.

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