New Musgrave attack ad debuts today

The Defenders of Wildlife are back and this time is attacking Rep. Marilyn Musgrave for the high price of gas.

The group started airing a new negative ad spot on Denver TV stations today that documents her votes against raising fuel-efficiency, or CAFE standards, and then lays the blame for high gas prices on her.

The 4th CD encompasses the eastern plains of Colorado as well as the north Front Range.

The Defenders of Wildlife ran a $212,000 negative ad spree against Musgrave last month and has said it will invest at least $500,000 in negative ads against the three-term Republican incumbent before November.

As The Colorado Independent has written before, the price of gas — largely out of the control of Washington, D.C., politicians — will continue to be a major election year topic as the nation’s economy slows and rising fuel prices spur inflation.

Democrats and Republicans have both used the pinch voters feel at the pump to bash the other over the head, and 527 groups have not been shy to jump into the fray.

It’s not known which side will benefit more from attacking the other for high energy prices but the Republicans’ longstanding connection to the oil and gas industry make them an easy target for 527 groups like the Defenders of Wildlife.