‘Prosperity’ group to host town hall meeting

Lowering energy prices and “overcoming the threat [that] environmental alarmism poses” is as simple as removing government’s red tape and drilling in our own backyards, according to Jim Pfaff, the former president of the Colorado Family Institute. The past head of the Institute, which generally focuses on pro-life and anti-gay issues and is closely affiliated with Focus on the Family, is now wearing the hat of state director of the Colorado chapter of the Americans for Prosperity(AFP).

AFP, an anti-tax, pro-oil-shale-excavation advocacy group is holding a town hall meeting July 30 with Colorado representatives Marsha Looper, R-El Paso County, and Bob Gardner, R-Colo. Springs, at the Penrose Library in downtown Colorado Springs at 6:30 p.m., according to an AFP newsletter.

No word on whether Pfaff will succumb to aspirations of becoming Al Gore’s nemesis by using PowerPoint and inviting a camera crew.


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