DNC misdirection: Google’s got it wrong

Denver’s Democratic National Convention delegates might find themselves a little turned around this August when they make their way to the Wells Fargo Theatre. The theater seats 5,000 guests, and will be the site of the DNC Committee’s interfaith gathering on August 24. The theater is located inside the Colorado Convention Center, which is one of three official Convention sites.

Unfortunately, Google Maps has flubbed the location for the theater. The theater is actually in downtown Denver, at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Stout Street and its official address is 700 14th St. But plug "Wells Fargo Theatre, Denver" into Google Maps, and you will be directed to the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, more than a dozen blocks away from the the Colorado Convention Center. It could be that Google Maps thinks that the theater is at 700 14th Ave., a Capitol Hill address, and not 700 14th St. But if convention-goers rely on the map service, they might find themselves meandering Capitol Hill’s tree-lined streets instead of the overly air-conditioned aisles of the Wells Fargo Theatre. Then again, that might be a nice respite from the hubbub of the DNC.

Here’s a Google Map showing the inaccurate location of the Wells Fargo Theatre.

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And here’s a Google Map showing the actual location of the Wells Fargo Theatre.

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