Mark ’em down as write-in votes for Tancredo

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo’s quixotic run for the presidency may not have had the big money resonance of Ron Paul’s revolution but we’ll say this about his ragtag band of supporters they’re … um … loyal.

Tancredo for President supporters at an anti-immigration rally in Postville, Iowa. (Photo/Lynda Waddington)Our Iowa Independent colleague Lynda Waddington encountered this pair of Tancredo backers at an anti-immigration in the tiny town of Postville, Iowa, over the weekend. The town has been engulfed in controversy following a May 12 Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on a kosher meatpacking plant where 389 undocumented workers were arrested.

Tancredo’s presidential bid — and congressional career — was largely centered on a fiery anti-immigration crusade. The Littleton congressman ended his longshot campaign Dec. 20 after taking credit for moving  immigration issues to the forefront of the Republican presidential race, much to the consternation of frontrunners Sen. John McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney who wanted to avoid the toxic subject.

No word on whether the couple spent the rest of their day picketing Agriprocessors, Inc., the firm that employed the arrested workers and was the site of the largest single-event immigration raid in the nation. Three plant supervisors have been charged with selling and trafficking false identity documents to workers. Two employees pleaded not guilty in court earlier this month; the third is on the lam.