What does Mitt Romney have to worry about? Pawlenty

Many Colorado GOPsters are atwitter about the possibility that John McCain may anoint Mitt Romney his vice presidential superstar, but would Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty give McCain a bigger boost when it comes to the evangelical right? The Colorado Independent’s sister site, the Minnesota Independent, explores the possibilities in a piece taking a look at Pawlenty’s record on everything from sex ed to GLBT rights to global warming.

Reports Andy Birkey, from the Minnesota Independent:

Back home in Minnesota, ironically, Pawlenty’s religion is little known and seldom discussed. The governor himself has rarely alluded to it publicly. But its impact on his policies and actions has been far-ranging. During the spring 2008 legislative session, to take a recent example, Pawlenty effectively gave the arch-right Minnesota Family Council a seat at the legislative bargaining table, informing Democratic leaders at the Legislature that they needed to obtain the Family Council’s approval on their comprehensive sex-ed bill if they wanted to avoid a veto.