Musgrave joins House GOP energy stunt, still pockets oil money

Twenty-five Republican House members staged a continuation of a floor protest today calling for Congress’ five-week vacation, which began Friday, to come to a crashing halt in order to re-open the debate on domestic oil drilling.

Colorado’s own Rep. Marilyn Musgrave even joined the fray in the darkened House chambers to the puzzlement of summertime Capitol Hill tourists, according to an AP report.

In a quickly assembled conference call with Colorado reporters this afternoon, Musgrave claimed:

"I came back from Colorado because I felt that our work was not done here and I feel like I’m speaking for the people of the 4th district of Colorado and people around this nation who are expecting Congress to act to bring down the cost of gas. Every time they fill up at the pump they think, ‘Why isn’t Congress doing something.’" 

Rep. Musgrave tried her hand at

pumping gas for Fort Collins’

constituents during the summer

’07 price crunch. (Photo/Wendy Norris)

Something else folks may be asking: how can a politician so financially beholden to oil and gas interests for her very political career do something about high gas prices that are largely out of the control of D.C. politics, rhetorical flourishes and campaign season demagoguery be damned?

According to a July 2 investigative report by our own Jason Kosena, Musgrave has accepted $181,112 in contributions from the fossil fuel sector since she entered the hallowed halls of Congress in 2002 through this election cycle.

That’s the second highest amount among the entire current Colorado delegation and their 2008 challengers — superceded only by the retiring Sen. Wayne Allard with $403,000 in lifetime contributions from oil and gas PACs. She actually bests her CD 4 predecessor ex-Rep. Bob Schaffer, a former oil executive, who is running for Allard’s open seat. Schaffer pocketed a cool $157,000 during his two terms in Congress plus his current statewide race.

With that kind of bankroll, at today’s price of $3.75-per-gallon, Musgrave could buy 48,297 gallons of cheap gas at the Greeley U-Pump-It on West 10th Street and 32nd Avenue. Cash only please.

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