Wadhams’ trashy-ass talk on Udall takes stage center

After we’ve all had time to digest the whole did-Mark-Udall-miss-a-key-vote-in-Washington-or- didn’t-he thing from last week, in the end the only item that turned out really grabby about this story was Dick Wadhams’ crude statement to Rocky Mountain News reporter Lynn Bartels about how Wadhams and his candidate, Republican Bob Schaffer, are "going to shove a bunch of 30-second ads up his ass on this issue over the course of the campaign.”

What a truly unusual thing to say.

Does that mean that Wadhams and Schaffer are going to do the shoving all by themselves, or are they going to get some help from their pal, state Sen. Bill Cadman?

Seriously, does Wadhams think that this kind of trash talk will play with the family-values folks?

So far, public response to Wadhams’ crudity has been about as well-received as the now-infamous aforementioned famous incident involving Cadman and his 2005 threat involving a fist, an ass and Rep. Val Vigil on the floor of the state House of Representatives.

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