HD 56 candidate Hasan vows celibacy, opponent Scanlan scoffs

State House Rep. Christine Scanlan, D-Dillon, Thursday fired off a mass e-mail to her constituency questioning the judgment of her Republican opponent, Ali Hasan, for announcing to the Summit Daily News that he plans to remain celibate through the Nov. 4 election and until the legislature convenes in January.

“This underscores his continued lack of judgment and inability to understand the role of a public official,” Scanlan campaign officials said in the e-mail. “(Hasan) is not a serious candidate with credible positions on the issues; he is merely a well-funded candidate.”

Hasan, the 28-year-old Beaver Creek son of wealthy HMO founder Malik Hasan, told the newspaper his decision was made after Summit County Republican Party officials suggested it in jest. Hasan is apparently taking it seriously.

“They said they would take away their endorsement,” Hasan told the Summit Daily. “So I guess that kind of makes me a bit of a monk.”

Hasan also told the paper the decision has nothing to do with stalking allegations made by his former girlfriend and publicist last year. No charges were filed, and the woman dropped her request for a restraining order.

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