Who needs to conserve energy? Not Americans

Americans overwhelmingly want new energy sources but do not believe conservation is part of the answer, according to a poll out this week.

Or, in other words, America still wants to drive SUVs, live 25 miles from work, never have to use the word carpool, and keep those air conditioners blaring all day long, but they don’t want to pay $4 a gallon at the pump or burn any of that dirty coal to keep the lights on.

A Rasmussen poll out today showed 81 percent of Americans want new energy sources to be a priority of the country,while only 28 percent think reducing current energy usage is more important than securing new supplies.

An interesting angle Rasmussen polled was the views of likely Barack Obama voters to those of likely John McCain supporters.

Of the Obama supporters polled, 83 percent called finding new energy sources “urgent” and 80 percent said reducing U.S. energy consumption was imperative.

Of the McCain supporters, 80 percent agreed finding new energy sources was urgent, but only 53 percent felt reducing American energy consumption was important.

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