Veep-mail: Obama coming to an iPhone near you

Last night, the Obama camp sent out an email announcing a decision on a vice presidential running mate was near and offering supporters the opportunity to “be the first to know” by their choice of e-mail or text message.

“You will now be one of the 1st notified when the VP candidate is selected,” according to a text message reply sent to those supporters who signed up for the text-message notification.

This “first” premise is ridiculous unless you’re willing to settle for first in your family, cubicle or car.

But the campaign’s use of technology has successfully created a buzz and could make many Obama fans feel like they’re part of a more inclusive campaign.

Perhaps more annoying is the notion that, as many bloggers and reporters are pointing out, this could really be about assembling a huge database of the cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of potential campaign donors.

To sign up for an e-mail announcement, go to or text message "VP" to 62262. Just be aware, you may get more than the one message you bargained for.


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